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Enhance your landscape in winter & enjoy your property uninterrupted this summer

Did you know that there are significant benefits to performing landscaping work during the winter months? Yes, that's right, your property can be enhanced all year round and you don't have to wait for the warmer months. This is because winters in our area are extremely variable. In fact, there are only a few types of landscaping work, like planting, that cannot be performed during the winter months.


Surprisingly, some landscaping tasks are largely unaffected by any type of winter weather while other types of work can still be completed successfully in a variety of conditions when precautionary measures are taken. Annisquam Landcare is an expert in mitigating these challenges.


Why work on your property in the winter?


There are biological, technical, logistical, even social advantages.


We think that perhaps the most significant benefit is having work performed during a period when you are not using your landscape so that you can fully enjoy New England's precious warm season! 


From lot clearing to selective vegetation removal these tasks are better performed during the winter as the absence of deciduous leaves significantly reduces the amount of material to be removed and associated removal costs.


Winter is an optimal time of year to prune your trees and shrubs. Plant dormancy minimizes stress to trees and shrubs.  Also, with no leaves, there is greater visibility for structural pruning or identifying hazardous limbs throughout the crown. 



While lawns and gardens themselves can not be completed during winter months, the preparation work can be performed so that the plants and grass can be installed in early spring without delay giving them more time to take hold before the scorching sun in summer months.


Patios, walls, and other hardscape projects can often be performed throughout the winter, with the benefit that the construction work will be performed when you are not desiring to use the area.

“They really do care about their work and I would recommend them to my family and friends”

—Luke, Northshore, MA

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