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Take control of unmanaged landscapes without clear-cutting with Selective Vegetation Management

Selective Vegetation Management (SVM) is a vegetation management technique in which desirable and undesirable vegetation are defined and identified and then desirable vegetation is retained, and undesirable vegetation is removed. This service is ideal if your goal is to enhance the health, beauty, safety, and/or access of an area on your property.


SVM is the perfect solution for unmanaged landscape areas such as fields, thickets, or woodlots, or overgrown garden areas which were once cared for but have been untended for a period of time. Our team of experts can help you to identify plants on your property and help you decide what to keep and what to remove all while working toward a beautiful landscape.

What is Selective Vegetation Management?


SVM can be performed at any time of the year; however, in most applications, it is optimally performed during the winter. The winter season is ideal for multiple reasons. The absence of deciduous foliage on vegetation allows for clearer viewing and analysis of the landscape, and significantly reduces the amount of material to be removed. Additionally, the soil is more likely to be frozen, thus minimizing soil compaction. Further, municipalities allow brush burning during this time of year, which is often a cost-effective option to dispose of removed vegetation.


SVM is performed to enhance the health, beauty, safety, and/ or access of an area. It is the preferred management technique, rather than clear cutting, when the end goal is to have a vegetated area. By leaving existing plants, the costs of clearing and replanting an area are minimized or avoided. Regarding large desirable vegetation in particular, plants can be retained which would not only be expensive, but often not possible to replace with a comparable size due to their large size. 

“Guys did a great job. The stone area looks amazing. All the planting you moved are doing well.”

—Michael B. Gloucester

Before and After Selective Vegetation Management Examples

s before 4.jpeg

  Before SVM  

s after.jpeg

  After SVM  

boulder before 3_edited.jpg

  Before SVM  

boulder after.jpeg

  After SVM  

n before pano.jpeg

  Before SVM  

n after pano.jpeg

  After SVM  

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