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Goats have long been a proven solution for vegetation control

It's important to us to provide our clients with safe, effective, and environmentally friendly landscape solutions. We use our trusty team of goats for brush management and vegetation removal especially in difficult to access areas.  Our goats love to eat nuisance plants like Japanese knotweed and poison ivy.  Contact us to learn more about the process and see if our goats are the solution for your landscaping needs!


To prepare the property, we enclose the removal site in electric fencing to both contain the goats and protect them from predators. Desirable species of plants are protected with wire mesh.


The goats arrive in a trailer which also serves as their shelter during their stay. After this initial set up, our goat keeper regularly visits the site tend the animals and review their progress. Upon completion of the desired vegetation control, the goats re-board their trailer, all fencing and wire mesh is removed, and the area is cleaned-up.

“Your employee did an excellent job trimming and pruning on my property last week. He worked with skill and dispatch in all that he did with the result that I am deeply pleased as a customer”

—Diane, Rockport, MA

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