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Take Control of Your Unmanaged Landscape Areas with Selective Vegetation Management

Does your property have unmanaged areas, such as woodlands, thickets or fields? Is the overgrowth getting out of hand?

With Annisquam Landcare’s approach, you can take control of your unmanaged landscape areas without clear-cutting. 

Selective Vegetation Management (“SVM”) is a landscaping approach in which undesirable vegetation is removed to enhance the beauty, health and accessibility of your property. Desirable vegetation is given room to grow and thrive, creating a more aesthetically pleasing and ecologically healthy landscape. The perfect eco-friendly solution if your property has unmanaged areas like overgrown gardens, fields, thickets or woodlots. 

 Many large properties have unmanaged areas covered in unruly or abandoned vegetation. Clear-cutting or abandonment are often the go-to solutions, but Selective Vegetation Management is an ecologically and economically superior approach.

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How Does It Work?

SMV can be done any time of year, but winter is ideal. The absence of foliage makes viewing and analysis of the landscape easier. There’s less vegetation to be removed & the frozen soil minimizes compaction.


The vegetation of your property is defined and identified. Depending on the landowner’s goals, desirable vegetation might include native plants, plants with edible portions, or specific species that benefit wildlife. Criteria for unwanted plants might include invasive species, dead or unhealthy plants, poisonous plants, or species with aggressive growth habits.


Desirable vegetation is retained while undesirable vegetation is removed. We use tools that are safe and effective, even on irregular terrain, without compromising the integrity of the landscape.


Undesirable vegetation is disposed of in an ecologically friendly and cost-effective way.

Why Use Selective Vegetation Management



Give desirable vegetation room to grow and thrive



Finally enjoy all of the land you own.



Declutter and enhance the aesthetics of your space



By leaving existing plants, the costs of clearing and replanting an area are minimized or avoided.


Take control of your landscape this winter with our trusted guidance. Annisquam Landcare, North Shore’s ecological landscaping experts.

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